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Pesto 9

Basil Parsley Pesto

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As I’ve mentioned before, I am in the process of moving.  My life is a labyrinth of boxes, jumbled furniture, and more details than I can possibly remember.  Because I knew in the early months…

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Milkshake 6

In Our Cups: Peach Milkshake

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Milkshakes bring back some of my favorite memories: fireflies, summer nights, and family.  When I was a kid, sometimes my dad would make strawberry milkshakes on summer evenings, when we kids came in from playing…

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Mixed Berry Almond Handpies

Mixed Berry Almond Hand Pies


I love outdoor concerts, movies, and plays. Thankfully, Nashville has quite a variety of outdoor events including the Second Saturday Outdoor Movies at the Belcourt.  This is a free event where they show an old…

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Granita 4

Shiraz Granita

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Confession: red wines aren’t my favorite.  I tend towards sweeter whites and pinks, and Beringer’s white zinfandel is just about my ideal.  Yes, I have the wine preferences of a stereotypical sorority girl (even though…

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