What the world needs now

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…is not another food blog.

There are a million great food blogs out there already. I mean, there’s Smitten Kitchen, Dinner: A Love Story, Manger, Warm & Snug & Fat (could you ask for a better name?), the absolutely genius Paper and Salt, and so many, many, many more. Why start another one?

Because Hal David had the right answer. It may sound cheezy, but we could use a bit more love in the world. Food seems to be a catalyst for bringing that about, and a food blog is one way to share the love.

Have you ever noticed how people’s eyes brighten when you offer them a homemade cookie? How about the way Grandma’s chicken soup seems to be a panacea, curing everything from a stuffy nose to a bad day? Sharing a meal can open the door to working through seemingly insurmountable differences. Somehow, it’s just harder to dislike the person sitting across from you when there’s a pot roast in the middle of the table.

And this is why we’re starting another food blog.

In the next few months, we’ll kick off with our first real post. Pull up a chair!