On Our Plates: Swiss Chard and a New Camera

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Once again, we’re going to kick-start the weekend by sharing some of the things that we’ve got on our plates: recipes we’ve bookmarked, places we’ve been, fun food we’ve discovered, and other cool stuff that we’ve come across.

What’s on your plate?

On Amy’s Plate: Swiss Chard

Image borrowed from The Blooming Glen Beet

My garden has, in general, been a bit of a bust this year. Early on, the neighborhood rabbit federation declared open season on my beans. Despite FOUR seed replantings, none of the plants survived long enough to produce beans. The squirrels, raccoons, and dog ate most of my corn. Those cussed squirrels also chomped the majority of the tomatoes that ripened – and the remaining tomato plants died, drowned by the record-setting amounts of rain we had earlier in the summer.

On the other hand, my swiss chard has done beautifully. It’s a bit buggy, yet is growing in abundance. But what the heck do you do with all that swiss chard? In a few weeks, I’ll be posting a recipe that I use, but meanwhile here are some other ones to try.

Macaroni with Tomato Sauce, Swiss Chard, and Goat Cheese (NY Times) – This one looks promising!

Sauteed Swiss Chard with Parmesan Cheese (Allrecipes) – You can’t go wrong adding white wine and parmesan, so this recipe has got to be good.

Chard Enchiladas (Gourmet Veggie Mama) – I have it on good faith from a very reliable source (and fellow cookbook queen) that this recipe is fabulous.

On Laura’s Plate: A New Camera

My birthday was this past weekend and my husband got me the perfect gift- a new DSLR camera! (He may have had some hints.) This will ensure that my photos are a step up from the mostly iPhone pics I’ve been using. I’ve barely progressed past the Auto mode, but even that works well (as shown in the included pictures of peaches and our kitties). Tim also got me a Prime lens, which is ideal for low light indoor photos. With winter on the way, this is great news! Hopefully these links will help me improve.

Understanding your DSLR: This tutorial by Kevin and Amanda is a great place to start.

Food photography basics: This post by The Way the Cookie Crumbles is one of the better ones out there. She goes a bit beyond the basics and I just found it relatable. I used some of her tips even before I got the fancy camera.

Plate to Pixel book: The consensus on the web is that this is THE food photography food. I’ll have to go check it out soon.

Acorn – our little pin head who sniffs everything I drop in the kitchen, hoping it’s cat food.

Zelda – the Queen Kitty. She thinks that every time I go into the kitchen it’s to feed her. In fact, everything we do should be about her.