On Our plates: A Love With Food box review


For Amy’s birthday this year, I got her (in her words) “the best gift ever!” – a 3-month subscription to Love With Food. And then I couldn’t resist getting one for myself as well!

Love With Food is one of those monthly subscription boxes with samples – but this one is for foodies. Each box comes with little bags of funky snacks instead of cosmetics or whatever. There are a number of food sample box companies, but I chose Love With Food mainly because they donate a meal for every box sold. Amy and I get tasty treats, and someone who’s hungry gets a healthy meal. This sounds like a great deal to me! And the company has some other perks as well. There are some pretty high end sample boxes with matching price tags, and I wanted something good, but affordable. The reviews were also positive, so I decided to give it a shot.

Our first box was full of gluten-free items curated by Chef Ming Tsai, and I do mean full! 10 items in all. I feel like a lot of folks go gluten-free because it’s trendy, but I’ve also had friends with celiac disease, so I appreciate the effort to make tasty gluten-free foods. Here are our reviews of some of the products we liked best.

1. Most Creative Snack:  Organicasaurus from Good Boy Organics 

  • Laura: How can you not love an organic cheese puff shaped like a dinosaur? They are just so cute. And tasty. The flavor is not super cheesy, but was good.
  • Amy: I couldn’t resist playing with these. And I’m 34. The flavor was fine, but the best part making my cheese puffs roar!

2. Laura’s Second Favorite Snack: Blueberry Fruit Bar from Betty Lou’s

  • Laura: I really liked this. It was like a large blueberry fig newton and I never would have guessed it was gluten free.
  • Amy: I’m right there with Laura. These were pretty good.

3. Amy’s Favorite Snack: Cherry Berry Raw Cookie from Licious Organics

  • Amy: This was my favorite! I really like cherries, so I suppose it was destined to be. The cookie was filling and tasted good – it’s worth trying.

4. Best Pre-Brownie Snack: Cinnamon Apple Chips from Bare Fruit

  • Amy: These were pretty good. They remind me of the apple chips on Panera salads, so I liked them. They aren’t very filling, though, so they aren’t the most satisfying snack. I had a brownie after I was done with the bag.

5. Laura’s Favorite Snack: Cinnamon Crunch from Cosmos Creations

  • Laura: I loved these and will get more. I wasn’t sure what they were until I opened the bag and they are a sort of sweet corn puff, like popcorn without the hard bits of the kernel. The cinnamon part reminded me of those glazed almonds you can get at the mall or fairs, but this bag was only 100 calories and there is no high fructose corn syrup. There website also shows different flavors like salted caramel. Yum! 

6. Best Peach Fruit Snack: Fruit snacks from YumEarth Organics

  • Laura: The flavors here were a bit different and included banana and peach. If you have kids that like fruit snacks and you want them to be gluten free, organic, or both, then these are a good choice.
  • Amy: I haven’t had fruit snacks since my brother was in elementary school – a loooong time ago. So it was fun to try these. The banana flavor was a bit wonky, and there were lots of bananas in my bag. Other than that, I enjoyed the blast from the past.

7. Weirdest “Snack”: Sipping broth from Millies Savory Teas

  • Laura: These are a bit odd. One is Spicy Tortilla Green Tea infused sipping broth and the other is Indian Spice Green Tea infused sipping broth. Savory green tea simply doesn’t sound good to me. The one item in the box that doesn’t interest me.
  • Amy: I agree with Laura.
***FYI: I (Laura) will be volunteering at Music City Eats this weekend. I’ll have details and pictures next week!