On Our Plates: Another Love With Food Box Review

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Background: For Amy’s birthday this year, Laura got her (in her words) “the best gift ever!” – a 3-month subscription to Love With Food. And then Laura couldn’t resist getting one for herself as well! Here’s a rundown of the foodie highlights from the October box.

1. Absolute Best Most Amazing Buy-It Now Snack: Toasted Coconut Chips from dang

  • Laura: I thought these would be similar to a product Trader Joes had. Nope, this were SOOO much better. Toasty, crispy, not too sweet. So good.
  • Amy: Holy cow. These are beyond fantastic (in case you couldn’t tell from the superlative-filled title). After inhaling the bag in the box, I found a few bags at Marshall’s – and ate them all.

2. Our Second Favorite Snack: Organic Hard Candies from Torie & Howard

  • Amy: I never would have thought that pear-cinnamon hard candy would be good, but these were!
  • Laura: I am also not a hard candy person, but the pear cinnamon were amazing and, surprisingly, tasted exactly like real pear and real cinnamon!

3. Most Embarrassing Snack To Be Seen Eating: Fruit and Veggie Twist by happy squeeze 

  • Laura: This is one of those squeezable fruit things that are great for kids. Turns out this blueberry, apple, and purple carrot version is also good for grown-ups. That said, I am too embarrassed to be seen sucking fruit puree out of a container and squeezing out onto a spoon took too long. Buy for the kiddos instead.

4. Weirdest “Snack”: Apple Cider Vinegar Pearls from Gingras

  • Amy: I couldn’t figure out what to do with these. I mean, I use apple cider to get stains out of my carpet, but that’s about it. Maybe I need to open my culinary horizons a bit more, but these were a bit of a puzzle. Anyone have a good suggestion for how to use them?