Local Dish, Lexington Edition: Magee’s Bakery


Local Dish is a new occasional series here on The Table. Posts in this series will highlight local restaurants, bakeries, businesses, and food-focused products that we discover in the cities where we live and play. As always, these posts are not sponsored and we do not materially benefit from them. We just get really excited about fun local places and products, and we want to share the love with you.

I’ve spent eighteen of my thirty-four years living in Lexington, but I had never been to Magee’s Bakery until this week.

Friends, that was a mistake.


Magee’s is a Lexington staple – they’ve been around for nearly sixty years.  I’ve had their cakes and cookies at birthday parties and for other special occasions, and they’ve always been good.  But the bakery is in the Ashland neighborhood, which isn’t exactly close to my house or my usual paths around the city, so I never made time to go.  Laura, on the other hand, grew up in that neighborhood, so she was familiar with their cookies.  But she didn’t know that their menu had expanded to include breakfast food and sandwiches. In fact, the last time she was here was on the way home from the pool with a babysitter back in elementary school!

When Laura was in Lexington for family Christmas festivities, we managed to squeeze in time for a Table Blog breakfast.  We decided on a whim to stop at Magee’s after driving past and seeing the sign advertising breakfast and lunch.  Best choice we’ve made in a while!

Magee’s breakfast menu includes egg sandwiches, omelets, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes.  And then there are the racks of fresh doughnuts.  And pastries.  And muffins.  And cinnamon rolls.  And the steaming coffee!  Need I say more?

racks of goodies

danishI ordered an egg sandwich on an asiago cheese bagel, while Laura got an egg sandwich on a croissant.  My bagel was delightfully cheesy, and the eggs were just right.  A cup of hazelnut coffee was the perfect complement.  Laura’s croissant was flaky and went perfectly with the egg and crisp bacon. She enjoyed the Southern Pecan coffee.  We were both stuffed after the sandwiches, but decided to split a cherry danish anyway.  Another good choice on our behalf. You can’t go wrong with cherries, danish dough, and icing.

The prices were surprisingly doable for my broke-grad-student budget: my sandwich, refillable coffee, and half of the danish only set me back $6 and some change.  On their website, Magee’s says that they have wifi, so this is definitely a place I’ll be visiting again when I need to get some work done.  Besides, the lunch menu sounds promising, and it would be irresponsible not to see if it’s as good as breakfast.

Magee’s fantastic food also led to some inspired blog-planning and bakery dreams.  Get your party hats out, cause there will be some great recipes coming your way in the next few months!  Soups, cookies, chili, and some fantastic main dishes.  And who knows, maybe someday we’ll be announcing a Table Blog cookbook or opening a Table Bakery. When you’re surrounded by the aroma of freshly baked pastries, anything seems possible.