Local Dish: New Year’s Resolutions and Dad’s Favorites Cheese Spreads


Happy 2014, Everyone!


We hope you rang in the New Year with festivities and fun. Today’s installment of the Local Dish is about New Year’s resolutions and cheese spreads. We firmly believe in making resolutions each January, although keeping them is always a bit trickier. So here are our resolutions – maybe you can hold us accountable? And we’ll also tell you why cheese spreads go well with resolutions.

Laura: Lots of people’s New Year’s Resolutions involve eating better, getting fit, and losing weight. While a lighter diet sounds really good after a very decadent holiday season, those aren’t the things I’m focusing on this year. Instead I want to focus on having more fun, enjoying time with my friends and family, and just generally having a great year. To that end, I’ve set the following goals (doesn’t goal sound better than resolution?):

  • Really learn how to use my camera: I want to take better pictures for this site and in my everyday life. To do this, I’ll need to actually learn what all of those settings do. To help:
    • Pixel to Plate: This book was featured before, but I got it for Christmas and so far it’s awesome.
    • Mastering Your DSLR Camera App (for iPad or iPhone):This app was recommended by my husband (our tech guru) and promises to get you out of auto mode
  • Try new things: Tim and I are in a bit of a date rut, despite living in such an exciting city. So I’ve decided we need to get out and try some new things. I already have a list of over 25 restaurants to try and a slowly growing list of non-dining options that includes the Nashville Improv Group and Mammoth Cave. You may see some of our favorites on the Local Dish! At the top of the list:
    • Pinewood Social: This is perhaps one of the oddest new places in town and combines a coffee shop, bowling, great food, and karaoke. Coming the the spring: a pool. I think I’d rather try this place before the hipsters arrive in their bathing suits, but I’d love to check it out with some friends.
    • Josephine: OK, so this is the latest restaurant to open on 12th Avenue within walking distance from our house and so it would probably be on our list anyway. However, we may need to plan ahead a bit more than, “Let’s walk down the street and see who has the shortest wait time!” We’ll plan a proper night out with reservations sometime soon.
    • Any other suggestions? For eating or just for fun!


Amy: I was talking to a friend about my resolutions on New Year’s Eve  and she said, “Those aren’t resolutions – those are plans. Resolutions are impossible, like saying you’re going to quit smoking in twenty-four hours. You can actually do the things on your list, so they’re plans.” I suppose she’s right: I’m a planner. II make resolutions that can be accomplished. And then I come up with monthly goals to help me get there. (Although meeting those goals is another story altogether…) Most of my plans this year involve finishing graduate school and hitting some other professional milestones, but my main food-related resolution is to try more new local products.

For this edition of Local Dish, I want to get the New Year started on the right foot by telling you about one of my favorite lines of local cheese spreads: Dad’s Favorites. These spreads come in a range of awesome flavors, from smoky pimento cheese to green chili jack, chipotle cheddar, and swiss cheese. But my favorite is the Asiago sun dried tomato. It’s lovely on crackers or carrots as an easy appetizer. My parents stir it into scrambled eggs. I’ve tossed a couple of scoops into macaroni and cheese dishes. My mom molds it into holiday-inspired cheeseballs (picture a turkey-shaped cheeseball with crackers for a tail, or a Christmas tree-shaped cheeseball decorated with rosemary). However you eat them, these spreads are just good.

Dad's Favorites 4

I have to admit that I originally tried Dad’s Favorites because my little brother has been friends with the founder’s son since they were elementary school – long before the line of cheese spreads began. But I kept buying their products because, well, like I said, they’re just good. Sorry for the repetition; that’s just the honest truth.

At first, I could only find the Dad’s Favorites spreads at the local farmer’s market. In the last few years, however, they’ve expanded pretty rapidly and the products are carried by a whole bunch of retailers in Kentucky and Ohio. Here’s a list.

And now, for the promised connection between resolutions and cheese spreads: Making resolutions (or plans or goals or whatever you like to call them) is hard work. Cheese makes everything in life better. If you eat cheese while you’re making your resolutions, you’re bound to make better resolutions. Better resolutions mean that you’ll have a better year. Therefore, you could think of a plate of crackers and a container of cheese spread as an investment in 2014.

Dad's Favorites 6

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