On Our Plates: Valentine’s Day Treats

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file0001941256237Honestly, neither of us have ever been big fans of Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean that we are total grinches either.  It’s hard not to be at least a little bit fond of a holiday that celebrates chocolate!  So whether you’re making a special treat for your significant other, sweet kiddos, or those friends who have always been there, we found some great ideas from around the web to get you through the entire day.

Wanna start the day off right?  It’s pretty easy to cut some of your favorite foods, like toast, waffles, or pancakes into cute heart shapes.  Want to be a little more adventurous?  Anna the Red will show you how to make a heart shaped hard boiled egg!  Why not serve it with heart shaped bacon from Paper Mama and some raspberry cheesecake morning buns?

Try a strawberry brie grilled cheese sandwich from Food Babbles.  Ride the chocolate train and make beef mole on a buttery baguette from The Orgonian.  You could also treat yourself to a French ham and cheese.

Dinner Who are we kidding? Let’s go straight to Dessert!
We like the challenge and surprise of this Hidden Heart Cake from Boulder Locavore.  We also love cheesecake, and these little cakes made to look like conversation hearts are super cute! You could show some lovin’ Kentucky style with bourbon currant cookies. Or you could bake up some magic with this vanilla creme-filled double chocolate cake for two – we promise there won’t be any leftovers!

Perhaps you need a card for your loved one? This card reminded me (Laura) of Tim. He loves me, but he also loves his gadgets! (Don’t worry, he knows when to put his phone away, too…) The deadline has passed to order this Valentine’s card, but Emily McDowell has lots of other fun stuff in her etsy shop.


I (Amy) plan to show some extra care for my little pup Zoe on Valentine’s Day. She’s such a fountain of joy, particularly when she’s playing in the snow. I’m planning to make her a batch of these doggie pupcakes with yogurt-peanut butter frosting from Brown Eyed Baker.


 Happy Valentine’s Day from The Table!