Guest Blogging at Taste Trekkers!


I (Laura) was recently asked to share a bit about the Nashville food scene and submit a guest post over on Taste Trekkers.  My article is on the top 5 veggie burgers in Nashville.  I hope you’ll check it out!

12 South Taproom Soysage Burger

While you’re there, you may want to poke around a bit, especially if you have travel plans.  The idea behind Taste Trekkers is to highlight great food so that when you travel, you can find the best places to eat.  They use local bloggers, which means that the content is actually written by folks who live in the places they write about (like me in Nashville).  This means you get an insider’s look and not just the impressions of a writer who has done some surface-level research – like that recent article advising folks to stop in for Sunday lunch at a Nashville restaurant that is closed on Sundays.  Oops.

Taste Trekkers also has food- and travel-focused podcasts and other articles, including a recent series of Q&A with food tour operators that is fascinating.  I am not usually much for tours, but I recently did a Zerve Greenwich Village food tour in NYC that was amazing!  Now I have a whole list of other tours I want to take.  And I’m hungry!  Time for a snack (sadly we have no cannolis, like the one pictured below).

Eating a truly delicous cannoli during our food tour.

Eating a truly delicous cannoli during our food tour.