In Our Cups: Margarita Punch

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Now that it is July, it is officially hot (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), so we thought we’d do a special series of drink recipes.  Every Friday in July we will be bringing you a different beverage idea- some alcoholic and some not.  Hope you like them!

This particular post is a day early in observance of the 4th of July.  You know, in case you want to whip up a pitcher for your guests.

Margarita Punch

So, as for the recipe itself.  Sometimes you want to make a complicated margarita and get out the cocktail shaker and infuse it with exotic flavors.  And sometimes you just want to make up a pitcher of flavorful drinks and set it out so that the guests can serve themselves while you mingle.  This recipe is for those times.  It can also be made in advance and taken along to a BBQ, potluck, etc.  Plus- it is super easy to make and almost too easy to drink!

I’ve seen similar recipes floating around the internet, often called Beer Margaritas.  While there is beer in this, that name feels misleading since you don’t taste it at all.  Margarita Punch seems more fitting to me.  My mom passed this recipe along a few years ago, but I’ve tinkered a bit – mainly reducing the tequila and increasing the Sprite.  It’s even more punch-like now, but at least you can have more than a glass without getting too crazy!

If you are making this for more than 4, I recommend doubling the recipe.  But you might want to double it even if there are only 4 of you.  It’s so tasty and very refreshing.  Enjoy!

Margarita Punch SQ2

Margarita Punch

1 can frozen limeade concentrate
Tequila (preferably gold. Also, since this is mixed I wouldn’t use the really expensive stuff)
Sprite (use Sprite Zero for a lower calorie drink)
1 bottle Mexican beer (I use Corona Light, but have also used regular Corona and Dos Equis)

1. Empty the frozen limeade into a pitcher, reserving the can.

2. Now use the can to measure out the tequila- I use 1/2 can to keep this low octane, but you can use more. Fill the reminder of the can with Sprite. Add to the pitcher.

3. Measure out one additional limeade can of Sprite and add it to the pitcher.

4. Open the beer and pour it into the pitcher.

5. Stir well and serve over ice.