On Our Plates: Sweet Potatoes

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sweet potatoes

Last week, the farmer’s market in my little corner of Pennsylvania had bunches of red-stemmed swiss chard, piles of deep green acorn squash, and baskets of newly-dug orange, purple, and white sweet potatoes.  I bought a basket of the sweet potatoes to make blintzes this week – keep an eye out for the recipe on Monday.  In the meantime, Laura and I have collected some other sweet potato recipes that we think you might enjoy.

Laura: I don’t like sweet versions of sweet potatoes (weird, I know), but I do like them in savory dishes. Here are some of my favorites:

Mexican Sweet Potato Skins by Pinch of Yum: These are my all time favorite sweet potato recipe, which is saying a lot since I am generally not a sweet potato fan.

Sweet Potato Quinoa Stew by Dishing up the Dirt: This has so much more flavor than you think and is perfect for cold days. My second favorite sweet potato dish!

Baked Sweet Potato Fries by The Comfort of Cooking: Ok, I haven’t tried this recipe, but her technique for crisp fries sounds good! I might add some chili powder and cumin to make them just a bit spicy. Yum.

Amy: I’ll eat sweet potatoes just about any way I can find them – sweet, savory, or somewhere in the middle. These recipes run the gamut.

Curried Carrot, Sweet Potato, and Ginger Soup from Health magazine – This soup will keep you warm when it starts to get chilly.

Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Spinach, and Red Lentil Burgers from the New York Times – A unique spin on veggie burgers!

Sweet Potato Scones from Camille Styles – Scones are fantastic and sweet potatoes are fantastic. Logically, sweet potato scones must be fantastic.