On Our Plates: Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kits!


We’re spotlighting fun gift products on Fridays this month, so I feel obligated to tell you about the time that Laura reached proverbial present perfection and gave me the holy grail of Christmas gifts: an oyster mushroom growing kit from Back to the Roots.  For gardeners and cooks, you seriously can’t top this.

Oyster mushrooms 3

Growing the mushrooms was surprisingly easy.  The kit came with a bag filled with mushroom spores and some kind of compost (not gonna ask what was in there).  I cut slits in the bag, spritzed it with water regularly, and the mushrooms just grew.  And they grew.  And they grew.  For a couple of weeks, I had stir fries, soups, and stroganoff galore.  That kit was the gift that kept on giving.  Told you Laura was good!

Shiitake Back to the Roots only makes the oyster mushroom kit, but you can find kits for  other kinds of mushrooms if you poke around the Inter Webs.  For example,  Williams-Sonoma sells a shiitake mushroom log, and GrowOrganic.com has a kit  for portabellas.  I haven’t tried either of these products, so I can’t vouch for them,  but they seem worth a look.


Be sure to check back next Friday.  We’re working with Nashville cocktail mix master Eli Mason to put on our first giveaway!  And we guarantee that there’ll be Old Fashioned goodness.

**We were not reimbursed, coerced, or otherwise encouraged to write about this product.  I just wanted to brag on Laura’s preternatural ability to choose great presents.