Smoothie Tips and Tricks Part 1: Additions to keep you full


kaboompics.com_Girl holding yoghurt

Last year, as part of an effort to eat a bit healthier and be able to fit back into all of my pants, I started having a smoothie every day for breakfast. I had gotten in a bad habit of not eating breakfast and just sort of snacking till lunch, which often led to eating things that were not so healthy or eating too much.

So, since it’s the time of year to make resolutions related to eating better, I thought we’d devote several days in January to some of the tricks I’ve learned to make healthy, delicious smoothies that you look forward to drinking!

If you are making a smoothie that will actually help you avoid the donuts in the break room, it needs to have some staying power.  Fruit and ice are great, but they can leave your stomach growling by 10 am.  But you can add some things to your smoothie to help keep you satisfied all the way till lunch.

Nut Butters: A tablespoon or two of your favorite nut butter (peanut, almond, sunflower, etc) is a great addition to a smoothie.  It adds protein and healthy fats to keep you full, and pairs well with fruits.  One of my favorite smoothie combos is banana, almond butter, milk, and cinnamon.

Dry Oatmeal: Add a small handful of regular oatmeal to any smoothie to keep you full for hours!  The oatmeal gets chopped up in the blender, then absorbs some of the liquid for an extra thick smoothie.  It adds a bit of texture, but no taste, and the whole grains really fill you up.

Greek Yogurt: This stuff is packed with protein and adds a delicious creaminess.  Just watch the sugar!  For the healthiest option, stick with plain, unflavored varieties and add a tablespoon of honey if needed.  Depending on the fruits you add, the smoothie may be sweet enough on it’s own.

Cottage Cheese: Like greek yogurt, cottage cheese is high in protein and adds a creamy note.  Just be sure to use a low fat variety.

Canned Coconut Milk: While higher in fat, these are good-for-you fats and can be the excellent start to a tropical flavored smoothie.  Not an everyday addition, but nice for a occasional treat.  Also packed with fiber!

Silken Tofu: Another protein-packed addition that you won’t even notice.  Just be sure to use the silken variety for the best texture.