Local Dish: Philadelphia Food Tour Part 1



It’s spring break here in PA, and Laura came to visit!  We spent two days eating our way through Philly, occasionally fitting in historical touristy things between restaurants.  (We’re all in agreement that vacation’s really about the food, right?)

Day 1 of the Philly Food Tour started at Cheu Noodle Bar, one of my (Amy’s) favorite places.  We began by splitting a mushroom bun and a pork belly bun (both pretty good), then got down to business with noodle bowls.  Laura got the brisket bowl (pictured below), while I went for the coconut curry with hand-torn noodles (pictured above).  Everything was filling and fabulous cause noodles at Cheu always are. Also, the hand torn noodles are amazing and can be subbed into any dish, so just ask!



We tromped around the city in our big snow boots for a while, then stopped in at the macabre Mutter Museum. Probably not the best place to go before or after a meal, especially if gangrenous limbs in jars aren’t your thing, but worth a visit. (Notice that we are not including a picture here. That’s on purpose.)

Dinner was a bit of an adventure.  We trekked out to Sazon Restaraunt, a Venezuelan restaurant that I’d been reading about.  It was totally worth the multiple stints standing out in the freezing cold waiting for late busses and trains that it took to get us there.  From plantains to empanadas and arepas, the food was fun and tasty.  But the real reason for our visit was the hot chocolate. It’s more like pudding than chocolate, and not too sweet, so you end up finishing every last drop.  We tried the Classico, which mixes over five chocolate flavors, and El Orgasmo (yeah, they went there), which has dark chocolate, kaluha, and banana.

They also have plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options, so it’s great for a crowd with varied diets. It’s BYO so be sure to bring a bottle of your favorite wine or some good beers to go with the great food.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Philly Food Tour, coming on Friday. Also, check us out on Instagram (@thetableblog) for more photos from our adventures!