Local Dish: Philadelphia Food Tour Part 2


Day 2 of the Philly Food Tour was full of unexpected surprises like chocolate ears, citrus doughnuts, and public transportation that was anything but on time.  We started out the morning in one of the best possible ways, with coffee and donuts at Federal Donuts! 

Federal Donuts 2

Of course, we wanted to give the most accurate review possible, so we had to get multiple donuts.  The Grapefruit Brulee was our favorite with an unexpected and perfectly tangy glaze.  The Vanilla Spice and Strawberry Lavender were freshly made and still warm, so they were wonderful in their own way.

After a shopping break, we headed on to Reading Terminal Market in search of a soft hot pretzel, which supposed to be a Philly specialty.  Sadly, one bakery was sold out and the other was closed.  That mission was a bust, but we had no problem finding some other, um, unique items.

Chocolate covered onions

Yeah, those are chocolate covered onions.  We have no idea why you would do this to chocolate!  On the bright side, Laura found a chocolate ear to take home to Tim.

Finally, we came to the highlight of our trip, the Sunday night tasting menu at Kanella.  While you can enjoy their delicious Greek Cypriot food anytime, Sunday nights offer a special a prix fixe menu.  We ordered both the vegetarian and meat options so that we could try everything.


We lost count of the dishes, but there were at least 14 small plates.  The dishes were light, with lots of veggies and fresh flavor.  Our favorites included the house-made rabbit sausage, cauliflower with orange and tahini, and a smoky chickpea dish that we are still thinking about.  Oh, and the fried halloumi cheese with poached pears!  And the pickled veggies!  You get the point: it was all delicious.  Kanella is BYOB (many places in Philly are), so bring some beer or wine along.  You will not be disappointed.


Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini, Dill, and orange

Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini, Dill, and Orange

Kanella was the fitting end of this year’s food tour.  We’re stuffed, but already starting to plan Laura’s next visit!

Please also note that we were not compensated in any way for these reviews. We just like sharing places we love with our readers.