Tea Sandwiches


Vegetarian Tea Sandwiches

It’s been a busy time in the Ambler household lately. We’ve had our weekends fully booked since June, and our kitchen is currently gutted in mid-remodel. So your Monday morning recipe post will be a bit delayed this week. That said, I still have some tasty things to offer!

As I have mentioned before, my sweet sister-in-law Katie is getting married this fall and I recently had the pleasure of throwing her a tea party themed shower. I already shared some of the tasty scones that I made, but today I want to talk tea sandwiches.

Tea sandwiches are not terribly practical for anything other than a party, but they are fun to make and super cute. Katie is a vegetarian, so I poked around the web for inspiration and here is what I came up with!

The Pimento Cheese Sandwiches were made using a family recipe for pimento cheese that actually doesn’t contain any pimentos! It uses roasted red peppers instead and is better for it in my opinion, but I am sure some Southerners will be appalled. Tim’s cousin posted the recipe on her blog, Hello Natural, last year if you want to try it. Anyway, I saw several posts that suggested using cookie cutters to make fun sandwich shapes and so I pulled mine out. I thought the hearts were shower appropriate and the flowers were just too cute!

Pimiento Cheese

Apple and Brie Sandwiches were inspired by this post by Lemons and Anchovies, but pared down a bit. I took out the prosciutto to make them vegetarian, but I also left out the radishes and sage butter. Essentially, I used a mandoline to cut thin slices of apple, layered the apple with thin slices of brie, and topped them with baby lettuce. The sandwiches were very fresh-tasting.

Apple Brie Sandwiches


Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sandwiches inspired by this post┬áby Home is Where The Boat Is. Scroll down for information on how to make your own. Mine didn’t turn out quite as fancy, but I was still quite happy with them! Plus I made over three dozen sandwiches, so I didn’t have time to be too fussy!

Cucumber sandwiches

We had a blast at the shower! And I’ll tell you more about my kitchen renovations later.

Tea party