Local Dish- Road Trip Eats Part 1: West Virginia, DC, and Philadelphia


road trip

So, Tim’s sister got married in one of loveliest settings possible, on an island off the coast of Maine. It was gorgeous and I will have more to share on Maine in Part 2 of this series, but first we have part 1.

My parents were generous enough to let us borrow their fairly new 25 ft long RV and we set out on a epic two week long road trip from Lexington, KY up to Maine and back. The first week of the trip was the more urban route with stops in Washington DC and Philadelphia (to see Amy) before heading on the Maine. And of course, I did plenty of research in advance to ensure that there was lots of truly great food to be had along the way. For those that follow us on Instagram, you saw snippets of this. Here are our favorites. I highly encourage you to make some of these stops on your next road trip!

Smooth Ambler Distillery in Maxwelton, West Virginia: As members of the Ambler family, we had to make this stop! Sadly our travel time and their operating hours did not allow us to tour the distillery itself, but we did pick up some tasty products. If you can find Contradiction in a liqour store near you, I encourage you to pick it up. It is a rye and bourbon blend and is nice and smooth.

Smooth Ambler

Founding Farmers in Washington DC: The name alone made me want to visit this place. I love a good food pun; but the food was also fantastic. We had a late lunch so we had a variety of apps for dinner and this crostini with brie, apples, and onion jam was my favorite. I was amazing! They also make their own ginger beer so any cocktail that features it is highly recommended. I got my favorite, the Moscow Mule.

Apple crostini

Shake Shack in Washington DC: So obviously this burger chain is based in NYC, but I have yet to make to one of those locations. The DC branch we visited was near the mall so it was the perfect stop between museums and monuments!

Shake Shack

Reading Terminal in Philadelphia: I have shared my love for this spot before, but trust me, during the week is the best time to visit as it is much less crowded. I could spend all day wandering among the food vendors, but I was on a mission. I finally got my soft pretzel from Miller’s Twist! Trust me, these are way better than what you get at the ball park. They are made by the Amish and they will change the way you think of pretzels. I also recommend the cannoli fromTermini Brothers. Mmmm.


Eclat¬†Chocolate in West Chester, PA: It’s a bit of a drive from downtown Philly, but chocolate is worth it, right? Their bars are super tasty and have some unusual flavors, like toasted corn, which is surprisingly delicious. I can also recommend the truffles!

Eclat Chocolates


I’ll be back soon with part 2 including actual lobster and lobster cookies once we arrived in Maine!