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Yep, that’s us. My dog Zoe also wanted to be in the picture!

Although Laura & I were friends in high school, our kitchen adventures began nine years later over a really unfortunate batch of malfatti. Here’s the scene: It was 2002. We were both a couple of years out of college and sharing an apartment with a teeny tiny kitchen in Cincinnati. Now, our mothers are responsible people – they made sure that we each had the basics of cooking before releasing us into the world. Nevertheless, our respective repertoires were still pretty limited.

And then the malfatti happened.

One of us (no one claims responsibility) found a recipe for what we thought were airy gnocci-esque spinach dumplings. Instead, our malfatti emerged as hulking rock-like mounds. Even Popeye would have turned up his nose when we plunked them down on the plate.

The failed batch of malfatti should have convinced us to eat out more, but the fiasco somehow had the opposite effect. It set off an avalanche of culinary experimentation. After all, we couldn’t get much worse than the spinach chunks. The following weeks found us attempting to smoke eggplant for baba ganoush – and the apartment smelled like charred vegetables for a week. We started making a Korean stew before reading the whole recipe – and ended up eating dinner at 10pm. And once, I baked a pie for an hour before realizing that the pilot light in the oven had blown out. But somewhere along the line, we became pretty decent cooks.

Now, after twenty years of friendship, life has led us to some very different places. Laura works in clinical research in Nashville, where she lives with her husband, Tim the Tech Wizard. They have a mostly vegetarian diet, fueled by a fabulous weekly CSA. I, on the other hand, love a good pot roast. I live in Lexington, KY, where I’m in graduate school, baking to blow off steam while I finish my dissertation.

Despite living in different cities, starting The Table blog made a lot of sense. When we get together, Laura and I swap recipes and talk culinary shop (much to Tim’s chagrin). We bring different things to The Table. The recipes that Laura posts will be vegetarian, while mine will include just about everything except green peppers and mayonnaise.

Laura and I are not over-the-top gourmets, but throughout the years, we’ve made some pretty good dishes. The Table Blog is the place where we’ll share them with you. We’ll also tell you about the new recipes that we’re each trying and fun foodie tidbits that we come across. For us, The Table is the place where fellowship and friendship meet. Some of life’s greatest blessings come when you’re gathered around a fabulous meal. So please, come join us, and see what we bring to

The Table.

If you have a question, feel free to reach out to us at thetableblogemail@gmail.com